About Us

We’re a different kind of Salesforce consultancy
OYF was formed back in 2006 as a business coaching practise. In 2019, OYF expanded to include a Salesforce consultancy practise bringing on board a consultant who had previously worked in various Salesforce consultancies since 2011.

We believe that many SME/SMB businesses know they need a CRM but do not know enough about exactly what they require for their particular business.

The combination of our background in business coaching and our experience of Salesforce consulting provides a perfect platform for us to fully understand the requirements of a SME/SMB business and the requirements it has from a CRM.

Our Team

Ant Sleet
Managing Director

Andy Sleet
Business Development Manager

Cheri Millgate
Office Manager

Our Values

Trust and Honesty

Trust is our most important value as it’s the basis around which all relationships revolve. We trust our colleagues and ask them to trust us, knowing we will do anything for each other. When we have honesty and trust, those values are shared with our customers allowing us to build stronger relationships with them.


We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect.


In any team, the members will always have different skills and strengths. It is imperative that the members, therefore, all work together to ensure that the system works. Even the smallest cog has a place and if it’s not included the whole machine can come to a grinding halt. Ultimately we are a team, all pulling together to achieve a common goal.


In life, not everything will go perfectly all the time. We believe that without transparency things get hidden/distorted and become harder to fix. We endeavour to always be transparent internally with our team members and externally with our customers so we can fix any problems in the quickest and best way for all involved.


To build a business that is best placed to serve our customers we need to have a team that is loyal. The only way to do this is to look at the needs of our customers, employees and the business and design a business that provides a ‘Win-Win-Win’ solution for all that are involved. This will engender loyalty in three ways.


We believe that people perform at their best when they are happy. In order for this to happen fun is mandatory.


In a busy business it is important that each team member looks after their own stuff.  Resourcefulness, independence and accountability are key factors that mean they can be proactive without the need for constant support.

Our Charity Partner

Who Are Kids Inspire?

Kids Inspire provides mental health and trauma recovery support for children, young people and their families.

Through a range of therapeutic and community activities they promote resilience, self-awareness and relationship building to empower more positive life choices.


How Do We Help?

The mental health and well-being of children, young people and their families is a case very close to our heart.

Kids Inspire was founded in 2007 by Sue Bell who realised that there was a lot to learn about running a charity as a business so she sought some help in the form of a business coach. Andy Sleet, the founder of OYF, who has a 15 year background in business coaching, volunteered his time to Kids Inspire right from the very beginning. Andy has since joined the trustee board in 2011 and subsequently taken on the role of Chair of Trustees to maximise his input.

We at OYF are now firm supporters of the charity as a business and involve our employees and clients at every opportunity. We support fundraising initiatives, attend functions and volunteer time on an ongoing basis.