Business Coach

Andy Sleet

Managing Director

Cheri Millgate

Office Manager

Founded OYF  and is the most understanding Business Coach you’re likely to meet. He has the knack of being able to get the best out of Business Owners and helping them get to where they want to be at their own pace.

The vital cog in OYF to make sure that it all runs like clockwork from both an internal and external perspective. Cheri has the ability to keep everyone in  OYF in check and is the real ‘go to’ person if you need something to happen.

Our Values


Honesty and Trust

Trust is important because it is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. We want to be able to rely on our colleagues and have them rely on us, knowing we will do anything to help each other out. Ultimately we are a team, all pulling together to achieve a common goal. Individuals with honesty and trust will also reflect those values onto our customers allowing us to build up a stronger relationship with them.


We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect.



In life, not everything will go perfectly all the time. We believe that without transparency things get hidden/distorted and become harder to fix.  We endeavour to always be transparent internally with our team members and externally with our customers so we can fix any problems in the quickest and best way for all involved.


In any team, the members will always have different skills and strengths. It is imperative that the members, therefore, all work together to ensure that the system works.  Even the smallest cog has a place and if it’s not included the whole machine can come to a grinding halt.


To build a business that is best placed to serve our customers we need to have a team that is loyal. The only way to do this is to look at the needs of our customers, employees and the business and design a business that provides a ‘Win-Win-Win’ solution for all that are involved.  This will engender loyalty in three ways.

Licenses and Certifications

Kids inspire – Chair of the Board of trustees

2011 – present

“The Levels” certified business coach 

2011 – 2020

Action Coach

2006 – 2011