Business Coaching

Reach maximum potential.

What could we do together?

What is a business coach?

Most people who start a business, start a business in a subject area where they have a skill. For example, a Carpenter starts a business in Carpentry.  As that business grows however they become further away from the role they have a skill in (Carpentry) and now spend all their time running a business.  Now, they probably had an apprenticeship and many years experience in cutting wood but zero experience in running a business.  Consider this…. If you were to employ a Managing Director to run your business for you what would you look for on their CV, Experience in being an MD?  Indeed, should you have employed yourself for that role?

Well, you are where you are, the Managing Director of a company.  My role as Your coach is to help you learn the skills to be effective in that role via a number of ways.

  • Improve your skills in all areas of business, Marketing, sales, Finance, HR etc.

  • To help you understand what you are building as a business and make a plan.

  • To hold you accountable to getting the right things done at the right time

  • To be that sounding board outside the business

  • Improve your confidence that you know what you’re doing

This is not a classroom type learning, it’s face to face, one on one, discussions about you and your business, designed to help you get where you want to be.