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Andy has been my coach for over 3 years.

We began with the ‘Levels Framework’ where we initially worked on my personal and business goals to enable me to plan my business journey.

Andy has helped me get out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions which is good because I was not growing as a person by being in there. I have experienced first-hand the benefits of empowerment, trust and motivational techniques which has helped me to build a strong enthusiastic business.

Andy helped me understand that I had to build a solid foundation for my business starting with processes, systems and my own mindset. In particular, understanding that I had a job and was a doer instead of being where I needed to be as a director of the business (doing important but not urgent tasks).

With Andy’s help we have moved onto building an organisational structure and developing the team. These platforms have enabled us to build a strong foundation: people, systems, team, structure, processes etc.

Since I have been coached by Andy we have tripled our staff levels (15 to 45) and increased our turnover by 60%. Due to the solid foundations we have developed, we are confident that we will continue to grow, doubling the size of the business in the next 2-3 years.

Andy’s advice has enabled me to start new ventures and achieve a much better work / life balance as I have a great team around me who I can rely upon.

We have started using the Gazelles tools to take our growth to the next level. We have systemised the planning throughout the business, filtered our aims to ensure the team is aligned to the common goal. We have senior management quarterly reviews to ensure we are on track, to ensure communication flows through the business and to ensure we are all heading in the right direction. 

The Fluid Business Coaching Practice that Andy is a part of has always been there for advice and I have personally met and networked with many of their clients who have a very positive growth mindset and desire to improve themselves, their businesses and continuously break through barriers.

Andy has changed my life and will continue to do so as I develop myself and my business further. I would not have grown my business to this level without him.

Jessica Rattue, Managing Director

Fine Wine Sellers


“I have been working with Andy now for 8 months, personally I feel my confidence has grown massively in my new role as MD for our company due to his coaching and support. As well as this my understanding of the business and how it can be moved forward has also improved.  Andy coaches other members of the senior team and they are all developing their knowledge, skills and confidence on the back of his advice. The sessions themselves are very relaxed, Andy goes with our pace and focuses on the areas that we want to focus on so it is very much bespoke coaching for us as individuals as well as our business. In what has been a really difficult year (2020) we have seen our business grow in both sales and profit but also solidifying as a team and the direction we want to move in and we attribute a lot of this to Andy’s knowledge and support.”