Ever had one of those days where you have a great plan at the beginning of the day of all things that you’re going to get done.  You turn up for work and ‘stuff’ happens, all of a sudden you’re now sorting this out.  The end of the day comes, you look back and the list is still there with none of it completed.


This is a challenge that many Business Owners face every working day.  All this ‘stuff’ that comes up is so important that it has to be dealt with there and then. So what happens to the list of jobs that seemed important at the beginning of the day?  They don’t go away but just get carried over to the next day and then the same happens again.


So what’s the answer, how do we ever make progress?


First we need to recognise that this is happening and have the desire to do something about it. Once we have the desire, we need to become far more structured in our approach to the unexpected.  Most Business Owners I talk to say ‘…………but these calls that come in are so important they can’t be ignored. If they’re not dealt with I’ll lose customers or potential business’. So let’s assume you’d planned a week’s holiday and you have to leave for the airport when one of those all important calls come in. How do you deal with that?  Often you pass to someone else to deal with, or tell the customer they’ll have to wait etc. Well if we see the list that we produced in the example above as having the same importance as our holiday, could we not do the same method. Get someone else to deal with the call or tell the customer they’ll have to wait for a couple of hours. 


Another example could be that we have a sales meeting with a client.  During this time, if we have respect for our customer we’ll turn our mobile phone off.  During this hour, we are ‘uncontactable’ and our business still survives.  Well once again treat the list of tasks needed to move the business forward with the same importance as a sales visit. Turn the phone off and be unreachable for a couple of hours and work on the business and not in it. 


This all sounds very easy and in fact it is if we’re disciplined with how we use and respect our own time. 


Time spent working on the business will always pay back in the long run.