It’s a question I am always being asked. It is a fairly new concept in business, but essentially, I do for business people exactly the same thing as a sports coach does for sports people – help them, and their businesses, reach maximum potential. 


The second question I often get asked is, “but what could you teach me about my business? I’ve been in business for years and I’ve done well”. 

My reply – “Absolutely nothing. If you have built your business successfully then you are unquestionably the expert in your field. There is nothing I can teach you – about your business.”

What I can do though is give you a completely objective view of your business, work with you to enable you to tap into the knowledge and experience gained from working with thousands of businesses, the knowledge of what has really worked in those businesses and introduce you to a way of thinking about your business that will change the way the you approach things. 


Let’s look at the sports analogy again. There is no denying that Lionel Messi is immensely talented as a footballer. Would his raw talent alone have made him successful? Almost certainly. But it was Frank Rijkaard, one of his coaches,  who was able to recognise the full extent of that potential, had the knowledge of how to tap into it and had the skills to enable Messi to realise his potential to the full. 

It’s exactly the same in business. Many business owners have made it on their own talent and are running profitable businesses as a result. But the question is, what is their and their businesses real potential? That’s why business coaching is so important. It’s the key that can unlock the potential in both business and owner. 


As a coach I don’t consult. I don’t do the work for you. I will teach you how to realise that potential, by giving you the knowledge, the tools, the vision, motivation and challenge to take both you and your businesses to the next level, and to ultimately enjoy the financial and lifestyle benefits that come with it. 


How exactly? At OYF Ltd we have found that most challenges in business come down to just three areas – TIME, TEAM and MONEY.  


Let’s look at TIME first. Do you work harder than anyone else in your business? At OYF Ltd we have a very specific definition of what a business is, “A commercial profitable enterprise that works without you”. The key is the last phrase… that works without YOU. If you are your businesses greatest asset, the glue that holds everything together, you don’t have a business – you have a JOB. As a coach I can help you work on the things to get you out of your job and give you your business. You might, of course, like to start with having more time to spend with your family, on your hobbies or take a holiday……


Which leads me onto TEAM. In order for you to have the time, you need to have the TEAM. Great teams don’t just happen. We can work on how to recruit, build and motivate your team. On how to ensure they give the best customer service – as good as you could give – every time, all the time. Then the business can work without you. 


What about MONEY? Immensely important, of course, and often the main reason for clients wanting to work with me. As such, working on building the business profits is often the first thing that I focus on when working with a new client. At OYF Ltd we have developed strategies that have been proven to be effective, and we’ll use these to unlock the potential within YOUR business. We’ll focus on Sales, Marketing and Advertising. I have the tools, knowledge and systems, and you, as the expert in your business, will implement them and get your business flying. Did you know, for example, that by working on five key areas in your business and improving them by just 10%, you will improve your profits by more than a 60%. What would a 60% increase in PROFITS mean to you? 


So I’ve told you what I do as a coach. The next question is – what could we do together?